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Welcome to our winter warmer! Edition 6 of Mermaids & Mythology. Gracing our cover is the worlds most famous mermaid, Hannah Fraser from Australia. We discover the secrets of the ‘fountain of youth” by Ceri Norman with stunning photography by Ian Hencher with model Sandra Marie Lees. Mertailor, Eric Ducharme, reveals some of his latest tail designs and innovative new website, with some of the best underwater photography we have seen by Chris Crumley with mermaids, Chelsea McLean and Kristi Sherk (who featured on our debut issue). Radleigh Valentine explores […]

There is so much inside the autumn edition of Mermaids & Mythology. Our cover features Russian actress Lyanka Gryu with stunning body art by Kristina Elizarova. We meet former military lass Krytsal Patrick who discovered mermaids after an accident whilst serving in Afghanistan. Looking Fintastic at fifty! As Mermaid Marla shows us that being a mermaid can start at any time of life! Hannah Titania shows us how to care for mermaid hair, and we meet Merlesque performer, Mermaid Christel. There is mermaid fashion feature showing that mers can hit the night clubs as […]

In edition four of Mermaids & Mythology magazine we bring you lots of exciting stories and features including Ari Berk’s ‘Secret History of Mermaids’, and ’Modern Day Mermaid Sightings’ by Ceri Norman. Our cover features Ariel Robinson, as part of photographer ‘Puspa’s Paradise’. Mermaid, Hannah Fraser answers the ‘Top 10’ most asked questions, and we dive deep to discover the giant sculptures of Simon Moriss. Hannah Titania seeks mermaids in South Africa! And there’s stunning mermaid art by Russian artist, Victor Nizovtsev. You can ‘Make A Wish’ with Doreen Virtue, […]

In this edition the mermaid art of Annie Bertram features on the cover and inside. We welcome back our regular contributors, Doreen Virtue, Melissa Mermaid, Hannah Fraser who appears twice! And the lovely Shelly Mermaid gives us an overview of the upcoming mertastic gatherings for 2012. Flavia-Kate Peters leads us into a Mermaid Magic bathing experience. Emily Carding introduces us to the mighty Poseidon. Film buff Cheryl Hubbard talks about mermaid movie ‘Miranda’. Hannah Titania meets Josephine Wall. Adrienne Dumas brings us mer messages in her column illustrated by Aaron […]

Issue 2 features Mermaid Hannah Fraser on the cover, Mermaids of Atlantis & Lumeria, Aprodite, Goddess of the sea, Mermaid Magic for abundance. Mermaid artwork, Mermaid fashion and make-up tutorial, stories of mythology and much more… So dive in to issue 2 and explore the depths of Mermaids & Mythology – the worlds first and only quarterly Mermaid lifestyle Magazine. 2nd edition out on the Winter Solstice (Alban Arthan) 21st December 2011 Mermaids & Mythology is the sis*star publication to FAE Magazine (Faeries and Enchantment). It is published 4 times […]

In the debut issue of Mermaids & Mythology magazine we meet the Mermaids of the Caribbean and find out about the women inside the tails! We bring you EXCLUSIVE photographs by Susan Knight from the first ever world Mermaid Awards in Las Vegas hosted by Sita Lang. Wendy Ice gives us an insight into the world of artist David Delamare. Doreen Virtue shares with us her magical mermaid cards and Lucy Cavendish introduces us to the world of the ‘Merrow’s illustrated by Aaron Pocock. We explore the world of tail-maker […]