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Issue 5 of Mermaids & Mythology magazine OUT NOW!

Greetings mer-peeps 🙂

Do you know that Mermaids & Mythology magazine launched exactly one year ago!!! So edition 5 is a very special landmark for us, as we bring this very special issue to shore, filled with many treasures and mer delights for your pleasure!

There is so much inside the autumn edition of Mermaids & Mythology. We meet Merlesque performer, Mermaid Christel, and Hannah Titania shows us how to care for mermaid hair. There is mermaid fashion feature showing that mers can hit the night clubs as well as the beaches! We meet former military lass Krytsal Patrick who discovered mermaids after an accident whilst serving in Afghanistan.

Our cover features Russian actress Lyanka Gryu
with stunning body art by Kristina Elizarova. 

Looking Fintastic at fifty! As Mermaid Marla shows us that being a mermaid can start at any time of life! Lucy Cavendish spills the beans on her latest project, a new mermaid oracle, a joint venture with artist Selina French. British mermaid Melody talks about her journey into mer, ‘From feet to fin”.

We look at two of the huge mermaid events that took place this year, the debut Mermaids & Pirates convention ’MerPalooza’ , and the Colney Island Mermaid Parade.

We welcome back our regular columnists Doreen Virtue, Mermaid Melissa, Hannah Fraser, Mermaid Shelly, and Rachel Curtis who provides us with ‘MerScopes’ for autumn. And, last but not least we take a look at YOUR Merfolk photos!

So ‘dive in’ and enjoy the watery delights of issue 5 of Mermaids & Mythology – the mermaid lifestyle publication to be ‘explored and adored’!

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Until the next time – mer wishes!

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